Megan Andres here! I am a 25 year old, mother of two, just trying to figure out this “blessing” of parenthood. I was nervous to do this because there are so many “mommy” blogs out there. I am hoping through this I will learn from others and others can learn from me. Earning a name for myself, or earning money is not my goal. However it is to, as the name states: Debunk these half pints we call our children. Unfortunately we aren’t sent home from the hospital with a manual for every event we might encounter with our children. Anyone else freak out when they couldn’t take a nurse home with them; wondering why you get to take this tiny human home without so much as a how-to pamphlet? This is not just a “moms helping moms” blog, but one that encourages all parents : Mom’s, Dad’s, and guardians, that these little people can be easier than we might think to raise. Maybe by reading my tips and experiences you can take something away from it. I encourage you to leave comments of your own experiences as well so that we can learn together. That’s really what I hope to do here. Share the ups, downs and crazy, twisted, hilarious, sometimes even downright gross experiences of debunking  these beautiful tiny humans we call children!

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