Baby Debunked

Tip #1 Poo, Diaper rash, Cradle cap.

They hand you your new little bundle of joy. So beautiful, so peaceful, a tiny miracle. You see your baby for the first time. You hold your baby for the first time. You feel proud. With both my children; one is now 3 and the other 6 months, this overwhelming sense of joy and love that everyone tells you about really did happen. From the anxiety of meeting my babies, to hearing their first little cry, it was all very precise, exactly how everyone said it would be. But as I sat their holding my first born, I couldn’t help but think what happens next? What happens when I go home? oh crap… my husband will have to return to work eventually…. pure terror washed over me. This is the feeling that no one described. I mean no one wants to talk about the scary stuff right?

Being afraid of parenthood, or having anxiety about how to do it right is seriously nothing to be ashamed of. This was my biggest fear….not being a great parent. reality is… no one can be the perfect parent. We can just take it day by day and -as my quote from Jodi Picoult states- “and hope we don’t screw it up.” So tip #1… the things people forget to mention and how to fix it!

Debunking Baby: Tip #1 Poo, diaper rash, and cradle cap.

     All cuteness aside babies can be pretty gross. So here it goes. With both my children I attempted to breast feed. I made it 4 months with the first and only 1 month with the second. Most breastfed and as I learned, most formula fed babies can have rainbow poop. seriously a rainbow. From black tar, to green, to yellow, and even normal brown, baby poop can be a little scary. No one told me about the tar poop. Newborns have whats called meconium. It doesn’t usually last much longer than the first month of life in my experience. Well, I should say in my husband’s experience. He changed most of these diapers. This is probably the only time black poop is okay. Black and red could be signs of blood, or internal bleeding. I’d always consult my doctor if a month or so later you notice  black or red stool. Put a smile on for seedy mustard colored poo or even dark green. That’s a healthy baby!

     The diaper rash is such a common thing you may wonder why I am even writing about it. My first child had diaper rash all the time. I felt like I was doing regular changes and keeping the moisture to a minimum, but was still fighting the diaper rashes. We all get unsolicited advice from our mothers and friends who are “just trying to help” but keep those ears perked up because you might miss something good! My clear all, miracle healing diaper rash buster? The amazing corn starch. Yep. Mamaw’s corn starch! The creams were sticky, the powder made a gooey paste mixed with urine and my kid still had horrible diaper rash. That is until the cornstarch. I just applied it like I would any other product on the infected area and kid you not by the very next-sometimes the second- change diaper rash gonzo! give it try!

     Lastly, on our journey of baby yucky’s, cradle cap. My first child didn’t have this. You hear about it a lot but I had never actually seen or experienced it until my son. This poor little man has the worst skin ever. The cradle cap was yet another thing I struggled with. So I was told try lotion, try oil, try raw egg! But I was doing it all wrong. Here is what worked for me. I did this during bath time, but because my little man has other skin conditions and cant be bathed daily, I also did this between baths. First get a good amount of baby oil and rub it in good on the scalp. This is usually where most people stop. The thing is, that build up of dirt and oils is aiding in the cradle cap. When you add oil and leave it sit it can make it worse. So use the oil to lift the cradle cap or the stuff that is ”scabish” and yellow. Once its lifted from the scalp; run a comb through baby’s hair. Next give the head a good wash to get of the oil out. I probably did his a handful of times and never seen the cradle cap again.

Have any baby yucky’s of your own? I might have a remedy for you. I’d also love to hear your remedies. Leave a comment.


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