Toddler Tools

Ice tray snacks.

I have a 3 year old little girl. and the one thing I have learned about my toddler is that she is an extremely picky eater. When I took her to the doctor I was questioned about what I am feeding her because they thought she was eating enough. This really struck a nerve because I felt like I was doing my best to get her to eat. What I ended up noticing was that she didn’t seem to eat much of a large portion of one food item. For example, I made spaghetti. I know she loves spaghetti with her sprinkle cheese! But she’d only take a few bites and an hour later want something different. Then I got to thinking, sometimes I’ll wake up and grab a bowl of cereal and after the first bite feel like I cant eat it, I need something else! Toddlers are just tiny people what makes them any different? This is when I tried the snack tray. Note that the word snack in my household does not include the words: chip, candy, cookies. It wasn’t always this way but snacks were killing my attempt at good eating habits. Now we don’t eat vegan, or super healthy, I mean we love the pizza and pasta, but snacks became peanut butter cracker, fruit, and raisins. So what I did was put a different food in each little compartment of an ice tray. So maybe cooked chicken in one with ranch in another for dipping. Sliced grapes in one, cheese cubes in another. My daughter took very well to this. It was a variety of food and in smaller portions. I was also able to learn through trying different foods; what she preferred to eat and what she didn’t.  Pretty awesome little trick!



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