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The Mommy Hook.

Have you ever been out and about shopping and have a zillion bags to carry along with a baby in a pumpkin seat? Or maybe you are like me, when my first child was born we lived on a third floor apartment and had to take several trips up and down the stairs with grocery bags. While great exercise and exhilarating, really wasn’t my favorite thing to do. The Mommy hook is by far one of my favorite products for making life a little simpler. Its great for mom’s but would also be great for just about anybody who has to carry several bags at one time. Remember those tiny hooks you’d put your keys on and then clip it right to your belt loop? The mommy hook is a giant one of those. I’ve seen them sold at Babies R Us, Target, and Walmart. They run about $7.00. Check it out

themommyhook_shopping hook


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