Toddler Tools

The Angry Feet.

As promised in another post, one of my favorite toddler tools is the Angry feet. I got this idea from my Aunt. She works with preschool children and this was one of the tools they used at the school. As you can see in the photo all I did was draw two feet, color them, and then laminated. I laminate a lot. I use a Scotch laminating machine from Target that I believe I only paid about $17.99 for. I’ll attach a photo of that at the end of post if you’re interested in the machine, you can check it out.

So when we made the angry feet I allowed my daughter to help me make them; as we did I explained what they are used for and how to use them. I could have easily printed off some awesome looking monster feet offline and taped them down, but I thought making it a craft would be more fun. After we finished making the feet, we did a little role playing game to also demonstrate how they work as well.

This is how we do it. When I notice my daughter is getting angry about something I just simply say “hey you look like you might be feeling a little angry. maybe we should go to the angry feet and stomp it all out!” – I would not say “go to the angry feet now!”-So that’s what we do. We march over to the feet and we STOMP,STOMP,STOMP, until we stomp out all our anger. I stomped with her the first few times and would even stomp on one leg and stomp in a circle. This made her laugh and allowed her to calm down. Next we talk about what made her angry and then come up with ways to fix the problem together. -This is also fun in public. If she gets upset while we are out we imagine our angry feet and we stomp it out right there in the Walmart toy aisle. Big thing to remember is the angry feet is not a time out spot or a punishment for being angry. Its just an outlet to release the anger instead of, yelling, biting, breaking things, or any other automatic reaction to anger that isn’t healthy. Also above my angry feet we have a Lego Man Mood Changer. This we use with the feet. I’ll post on this as well at some point! Feel free to give the angry feet a try. They have really worked for my daughter and honestly, they have really worked for me too!

P.S  my daughter had fun taking the photo. thats why you can see her little feet!



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