Toddler Tools

Lego Man Mood Changer.

I mentioned the lego man mood changer in my previous post. I actually found this while surfing on Pinterest. I have this hanging above my angry feet in my kitchen. We mostly use it to change our mood from angry to happy once we have stomped on the angry feet and start to feel better. However the person who made this used it as a tool for autistic children, but I think it is a great tool for all children. I mean they don’t come out of the womb understanding complex emotions and how to deal with them!

Using them with the angry feet worked well, but I also made a role playing game. I laid all the emotions cards (different faces) out on the table and then I read her a scenario. Example : If you wanted a new toy and mommy told you no, how would that make you feel? Then she would take a moment to decide and stick that face to the lego man. Once this was done she would come back to the table and we would discuss why that scenario would make her feel which ever feeling she chose. Then I took it a step further. Id ask her, okay that would make you angry, what would you do if this happen and you really got angry? Sometimes she would say “well I’d hit you” or “I would scream.” This gave me the opportunity to explain why those may not be the best choices and what a better option might be. I also thought this was great because we were about to have our second child and that was going to bring on a whole new set of emotions.

You can use this as probably intended by allowing your child to put their mood up for the day and change it as their mood changes. I like that it helps with recognizing that my daughter is feeling something and recognizing different emotions. And with my help, learning how to deal with them. All these tools have really helped with my own emotions as well. So we are learning together. I’ve provided the website and photos of my own!


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