Baby Debunked

Tip #2: The Baby Straight Jacket.

Don’t let the name alarm you. This is probably one of my favorite baby hacks! My son just hit the 6 month mark. He is rolling, and exploring. Ever change the diaper of a rolling baby? How about a poo diaper while the child is  rolling and throwing his hands all over!? It’s like trying to catch a greased pig with your feet all the while trying to stay clean in a white outfit or your nicest suit! Not fun. I did this with both my children and i’m sure i’m not the only one.  If you’re just now discovering this little miracle… well, your welcome!

Alright, most babies are always in oneses but you can do this trick with a normal shirt as well. Open snaps on onesie and fold babies arms over his/her chest. The same way you might do for swaddling or using a swaddler. Then roll onesie up over babies arms. Finish your diaper change and resume onesie/shirts normal position!

My son was not able to roll away from me and it also keeps his hands out of his poo, thus keeping it out of his mouth. Mom for the win!! photos of the process are below. Used a doll for the privacy of my kids. Hope this works for ya.


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