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The Better Bib.

When we have our first child three are always so many questions. Do I bottle feed or breast feed? Is my car seat the safest? Should I vaccinate? Cloth diaper or disposable? what is colic anyway? There are things that are important and should have a lot of thought put behind it. Such as the questions I just listed. With all of those important decisions trivial things should not occupy so much of our thought and energy! There are new baby products coming out daily and it’s really hard to keep up. I’m going to tell you about my experience with bibs. While not a major life changing choice, if you haven’t already found out, you will realize that babies are drooly, and spitty, and they drip food and formula/breast milk everywhere.

The new bandana bibs are all the rage. They are a super cute alternative to the the normal bib. I was pretty excited to try them because I am always putting cute outfits on the baby but then having to cover it up with a bib! The bandana bibs are adorable and I was excited to have something cute to put over clothes without feeling bad that I was covering all that cuteness.

All the bandana bibs I have seen run anywhere from $6-$21 dollars per bib. Now I haven’t tried a million different brands  but here’s what I have learned. A good ole pack of Wal-Mart bibs for 5 bucks is a much better bib option and cheaper! While the bandana bibs are new and cool and super cute I haven’t found them very practical for my needs. I need a bib that is absorbent, has a good, comfortable fit, and lastly cute would be nice. The bandana bib met the need for being adorable but was not very absorbent and did not catch the drool, milk, or whatever else was falling from my kids’ mouth. What I have noticed it the shape of the neck hole. If it is round or slightly oval -as most bibs are- you are going to get a great fit. With my bandana bibs the neck area is more rectangular. This created a pooch in the front of the bib. So as the drool/milk ect. slides down baby’s’ chin it usually doesn’t just drip like a faucet off the chin, it slides down the neck as well. This is when you need a good fit around the base of the neck or you find all the liquid running directly onto baby’s’ clothing. Also the material my bandana bibs were made from was not very absorbent. Which makes them pretty pointless to even put on. I have attached some photos of the shape and fit of both the bandana bib and regular old bibs. I think it all really has to do with that neck shape. I haven’t found a bandana bib with a great fit but if you do let me know. So as you are picking out bibs pay attention to the neck shape. Look for something more round and there will be no stress at 3 am feedings when you have to change baby’s’ clothes because he is soaked.  Also look for my upcoming post on bibs I have made myself to better suit these needs! You can do a lot with a sewing machine and some old receiving blankets!

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