Where you are. As you are.

Does  anybody else watch Fixer Upper with Chip and Joanna Gaines? I’ve become addicted to watching the show. My in-laws took a trip to Waco, Texas and did the Chip and Joanna experience. They visited the The Silos. They have a big celebration there. My in-laws got to see Chip and Joanna, experience the Magnolia Market, and drive by the Magnolia Farm. My mother-in-law brought back some pretty awesome t-shirts and a magazine written by Joanna Gaines titled The Magnolia  Journal. I love, love, love this journal and highly recommend you check it out. In the first Issue I read an article that really got me thinking about this concept of being happy where you are; as you are.  *Spoiler alert: more vulnerability ahead.*

I spent much of my childhood being tossed from home to home with zero stability. It became normal for me to live like a “regular old run about” as my mamaw would call it. Life was a whirlwind of chaos with no concept of love or peace. I am not one to blame my childhood for poor choices I’ve made, but my childhood did somewhat produce a pattern of a “stir the pot” lifestyle and mentality. (Not just the bad stirring the pot, but sometimes making a drastic change.) I  do believe I have this need for chaos. A need of my own kind of normalcy. As mentioned in my Bio on my About page I am 25 and have 2 children. My daughter we will call E. She is 3 years old and a mile a minute. My Son B, is 6 months and figuring out how to tackle this big world. I  am married to my husband, who is frankly the best man in the world, of almost 7 years. We have a home and two cars. It hasn’t always been this way, but right now life is good. But I still have this longing to make a change, to create a little excitement, or “stir the pot”.

After reading this article in The Magnolia Journal I have really been trying to live by this motto; and reminding myself that it’s okay to be happy with life in every moment. Even when the moment is comfortable, or dare I say, quite boring. Right now I want a bigger house with more space. I want a larger car with more storage room. I want an in home salon so I can work more comfortably from home. But as I read over this concept I thought, I sure do want a lot of things. But what am I happy about right now in this very moment. There are so many changes I want to make right now it is easy for me to concentrate on everything I am lacking in my life. Instead of doing this I need to-in the words of Joanna- “move my heart to contentedness and gratitude for what this day and time holds. My life will never look this way again. If I look ahead or behind , I’m gonna miss what’s intended for me in the here and now.”

I need to enjoy my home now. The small spaces where all the people in it can be just a little closer to one another. I need to love my car. The laughs we are sharing as we cannot fit another human being in it and are trying to stuff a double stroller and groceries into the trunk. The jokes we share about having to tie someone to the roof to make it home. I’ll never live today again, in this home, with these people I love, and have these moments again.

You may find yourself in a season of life as I, where maybe things are a little too comfortable and you are ready to jump to the next big change or event. Try with me to contest that impulse to stir the pot. I’ts like watching my 6 month old grow. He is so eager to move, and eat baby food over formula, and crawl. As adults we tell our children to slow down, don’t grow up so fast. Enjoy these moments. I need to, as the old saying goes “practice what I preach.” I need to enjoy each moment of life as it comes and remind myself there is something valuable in today and everything in this moment in time. From the moments I share with my family, to the size of my couch.

Get yourself some flowers. I have been keeping fresh flowers on my table as a reminder that like flowers, beautiful moments in life -and even struggles- only last a season. So nurture each moment. Find love and happiness living where you are, just as you are.


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