Toddler Tools

Independent Dressing.

Now that my daughter is 3 years old we are starting to discuss preschool. Still cannot believe she is as big as she is! It’s crazy. With all these new changes that will be coming I thought it best she start learning to dress herself. I started this process back when we began potty training about a year ago. She is now potty trained with the occasional accident; but I thought it was important for her to do all her potty business on her own for obvious safety reasons. She is able to pull pants up and down great and now is able to change clothes entirely own her own. To make this process easier for her and more fun, I made a spot for her outfits to hang for the day, and labeled her dresser.

For the outfit hanger, I purchased a frame from hobby lobby that was already painted the color I wanted, -you can also go to a local thrift shop and find great frames and paint- I also got a drawer knob for hanging. I have seen cute ideas for boys as well on pinterest!

I cannot for the life of me find the exact site I found mine but here is another site for free downloadable drawer labels.

You can also search pinterest for kids dresser labels and find tons of ideas. Or you can make your own! Photos of my stuff below! Give it a try, its made dressing for E fun because she can go to her drawers and pick out her own clothes and she can always find her Sunday clothes hanging on her outfit knob.

FullSizeR (1)FullSizeR (2)FullSizeR (3)



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