Parental Tool Cabinet

Tackeling the Toy Bar. 

When you’re at home trying to do the dishes, or in the car trying to get to your destination in peace, having a convenient toy for the baby is essential. Handing baby a teething ring or rattle is easy but they tend to just test gravity and drop it. Ever tried chasing down a baby toy while trying to drive? Not the best idea speaking from experience. 

Never fear though, there are toy bars! Little bars with things for baby to look at and play with but they hook right onto your seat. I used to use a bright stars one that attaches with straps and velcro. But then I got a toy arch as a gift and never looked back. 

My issue with the standard velcro bar was that when you hooked to onto the car seat it ended up sitting right in baby’s face. Literally like 3 inches from his eye balls! If you slid it up higher then baby is cranking his neck trying to see the toys above his head. 

With the toy arch it hooks onto the seat on either side using an adjustable jaw. That’s right adjustable. I am able to hook this toy arch onto the car seat, the bouncer, the mamaroo swing and a bumbo. You just loosen the jaw by unscrewing it and then place on either side of seat, swing etc. and then tighten. It’s very secure and provided entertainment when I needed to get a household task done or take a drive to the store. The only negative I have found is that when you attach to a car seat and need to carry the seat to the car it kinda blocks the car seat handle so it’s uncomfortable to carry while the arch is attached. Solution: attach toy arch after seat is secured in the car. It’s quick and easy! Here is pictures of both toy bars and prices. The arch is definitely more expensive but totally worth the money sense it is pretty universal. I wanted to share photos of mine because it does not have such big toys on the arch but it’s out in the car. Lazy mom problem 😂 hope this helps. **note using any product on your car seat is solely your own parenting preference. Most car seat manufacturers do not recommend using after market products in combination with your seat as they have not been crashed tested!**


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