Toddler Tools

Busy Book.

So I am a pretty crafty person. crafty stuff is my outlet when I have had an extremely hectic day. I sometimes like to kill two birds with one stone. I make something crafty but its functional for my toddler. My latest project is this busy book. I found a lot of the page ideas online and came up with a few on my own! This book is made completely from felt and hot glue. Super easy and inexpensive to make but really time consuming. E will usually spend at least 20 minutes playing with the pages. That is nice when I need to throw in a load of laundry or make dinner. But it is also fun to work on it with her as it provides a great learning experience. It is also nice to take out with us too. If we go out to eat we can play with this book rather than using a phone or tablet for entertainment. personal parenting preference.

I have attached some pages I have made you can take a look at for inspiration. I have also made a children’s interactive bible version as well so watch for that if you’re interested.

*Copy this link to see how to start your own book!


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