Baby Debunked

Cleaner Explosives.

So as parents we have all had the dreaded explosive diaper! If you haven’t had one just yet, well they are inevitable. I have used every type of diaper and am now using cloth. Post on those to come.  But I’ve had explosive diapers with every brand. Sometimes nothing can hold all that in! But I’ll tell you about my favorite disposable diapers and a little trick I use to help keep the explosives to a minimum.

Alright, so my all time favorite diaper is Pampers Dry Baby. They seem to be the most leak proof, explosive preventing diaper. I have tried all the other pampers diapers including cruisers and swaddlers. But I have noticed a different in the feel of the material and how the material is positioned in the diapers. A good equivalent to the Dry Baby is the Honest company diapers. While the material is positioned within the diaper similar to the Dry Baby, the Honest brand diapers form this triangle shape at the back of the diaper which I  found common among other diapers that seem to have more explosions that escape the diaper onto baby’s clothing. I have some photos to share and we’ll talk more.

This is the Dry Baby, notice a few things here. This is a good diaper. The material is very soft and thick. But notice the thick lining of the diaper goes clear up to the back of the diaper. There is about an inch and a half that does not have that padding. The down side here is they do not have the yellow urine strip. Now look at the next diaper.


This diaper had all the same qualities as the others in terms of the urine strip, thicker material, and softness but the inside padding is my issue. It comes to sort of a point as you will notice and it stops about 4 inches from the top of the back of the diaper. This is Pampers Swaddler.


This diaper if from the Honest company. It has all the great qualities I discussed however the side seams are sewn into this narrow triangle, and I have found that the explosions drift over this area and comes out the back leg area. In photos of the first diaper the side seams are sewn wider and travel straight up. This seems to hold things in a little better. As you can see both the first two diapers are pampers so brand doesn’t necessarily guarantee a better diaper. So to some this up. A diaper that has soft, plushy material, and the padding travels nearly the entire length of the diaper and has wider side seams has been my best diaper. Which is usually always the Pampers Dry Baby.

Okay Lastly, a little trick I do to help prevent explosives from exiting the back of the diaper is to hold diaper in place after it is secured on baby. Put the diaper on baby and slide your hand under baby’s bum until it rests at the top of the back of the diaper and then pull onesie down. Here are photos. This keeps the back top of the diaper from folding down. When the diaper folds down there is less coverage for anything that might try to escape. Seems simple but it’s very effective.

So you get this: FullSizeR (5)

Instead of this: FullSizeR (4)


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