Parental Tool Cabinet

Public Potty Made Easy. 

Potty training is not an easy task! But we have finally accomplished this. Wanted to share my experience and a great product I discovered. 

When E was 2 my in-laws got her first potty as a Christmas gift. I knew it was way too early to begin but we thought it would be fun to set her on and see what she thought. So we did… from that moment and into the next 2 months E was using the potty at two years old! But some time passed and it lost its luster and she stopped going. We decided not to push the matter as she was very young and clearly just not ready. 

At about 2 and a half we tried her again and she still wasn’t feeling it. What I learned was kids truly justgo when they are ready. I tried taking her every 20 minutes. I tried letting her go commando and pantsless with no results… except a lot of pee on my floors. But then one day something happened. E came over to me just a few months shy of her third birthday and said “mom give these diapers to a baby I need big girl panties.”

I was shocked. So I got her underwear and explained that they had to stay clean and dry. That’s what she did. She kept them clean and dry. Potty trained. With the occasional accident here and there it is going pretty well. But we all dread having to take a potty training toddler into public. My struggle was E knew she could wet her pull up. So  when she had to go potty she would literally check and see if she was in underwear or a pull up. If it was a pull up she said “it’s okay I can go right here!” I couldn’t believe she was so smart. So when public time came I had the decision of, do I put her in underwear and move quick and hope she doesn’t have an accident or do I put her in a pull up and regress my progress? 

That’s when I discovered the folding potty seat. We’ve all seen the potty seat you set up on the potty and it has handles. But those are very large and not very portable. (They also look gross carrying around.) The folding potty seat fold right up and can be placed right into your diaper bag. I have photos below of the two types of potty seats. The third is the normal seat and the first and second is the folding seat. The only negative I have found with this particular seat and others shaped similar is they bow slightly on very large toilets. I haven’t come across this issue often but when I do it isn’t detrimental! When all else fails and the seat doesn’t seem to fit a particular potty just right, I grab a paper seat cover and hoist her up! Try the folding potty. Might make your public experience a little easier. 

I haven’t yet started with my son as he is only 7 months old but I have come across some products I’ll be testing with him! The last two photos are of a hook on urinal from amazon and a portable urinal from Walmart.  


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