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So many seats, only one butt! 

There are so many different types of seats for you to place baby while you aren’t holding him. There are swings, bouncers, bumbo’s, highchairs, lowchairs, walkers, entertainers, jump-a-roo’s. How do you know which ones you actually need to buy and when to use them? What I’ve learned so far is it seems to be trail and error. One of my children loved her swing while the second didn’t care either way! So here’s what I’ve used and all the goods about them!

Let’s start with swings. I think baby swings are great. They are a soothing, safe option if used properly. Right now I have a Mamaroo which I love for several reasons. First, it’s pretty compact and light weight. I can carry anywhere one handed and it doesn’t take up too much space. Next, the Mamaroo is not very loud. When I am running it I can barely hear it. There are a few things I didn’t prefer about it and that is the mobile is kinda pointless and it hangs right in baby’s face when you are using the newborn insert. I also didn’t find the noises you can play very soothing. But it does have the option to play music through the swing via another device plugged into it.

The swing I had for my daughter was great. It was a Graco Soothing System. It was a swing and bouncer seat all in one. This was great because baby could swing or you could easily lift the seat from the holder and set it on the floor. It also saves you money as the Mamaroo is $250 and you get the Graco for $190 give or take but you get the built in bouncer as well. With the Mamaroo you will still need to buy a bouncer.




I really liked having a swing both times through and my son is just now getting too big for his. I do however think it is still necessary to have a more portable option. Such as the bouncer seat that is built into the Graco swing we just discussed. I gave my Graco swing to my sister, that is why I decided to purchase a Mamaroo. But I did end up having to get a bouncer. I got the Baby Trend Rock’n Bouncer. I liked this because it is very light weight and can fold completely flat. I can throw it in my car and take it right to mamaw’s for a visit! This bouncer folding flat, and the ability to rock is what makes it different from the 2 in 1 Graco swing and bouncer. Another option for a more mobile seat is the Mama’s and Papa’s Baby Snug seat. It is a stationary seat that has a tray. Basically a mini high chair. I didn’t use this seat as much as I thought I would. It is a great option for when I start feeding B baby food, as I can take  it too family and friends’ homes who do not have a high chair. Here are photos of both of those types of seats. I do find them necessary if you want something a little more portable so you can go from room to room at home with baby with ease, and go visiting. You can get both or just one depending on your need. My Son is 7 months old and has outgrown the Mama’s and Papa’s seat and the bouncer as he is sitting up on his own. For eating purposes or for just having that tray to play on I use a normal size high chair now. Keep ages in mind and how long each seat may last you for budgeting purposes.

Lastly, there are seats that are for gross motor skills and for entertainment. With both of my kids I have used an entertainer. They come in all sorts and sizes. Most commonly I have seen round ones that are stationary and have a bottom. see below.

pTRU1-23586632enh-z6.jpg This one is not my favorite option. All baby can really do is play toys. It height adjusts as well. I prefer an entertainer that encourages more movement. Such as a Bright Stars 2 in 1 entertainer. Baby can play, roll a little, and once he is walking can use the table to play as well.


Another option for more mobility is a walker with wheels. I think they have lost their popularity because of homes with stairs. But if you use your best judgement they can be really great. I have this one:

7fc8c2e4-ed7a-4af8-84ec-55d92fdef880.jpg._CB286571335__SL300__.jpg I’ts a Delta brand.

All of these options for seats are based on the needs you have. My daughter loved her swing, my son didn’t care. My daughter loved her entertainer and my son is a little bit afraid of his walker. So it really depends on your baby. With any equipment item always always do your research so that you are getting good quality and functionality. Also be sure if you ever buy used (which I do very often, I love thrifting!) check products for recall. This website is great.


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