Toddler Tools

Chalk. More than just for a pretty picture. 

There is something about the whether beginning to get warmer. The days getting longer, and the kids getting to go outside. Sense my oldest is 3 now this summer should be more fun. Now she can climb the jungle gym and ride her scooter! But as a kid I always had fun with good old side walk chalk. Tracing my friends or drawing a tic tab toe board was really fun. I would even grind it up and add water to make paint. My daughter used chalk to learn her shapes. I’d draw the shapes and have her jump to each as I called out their name. This is a great way to teach letter recognition and numbers as well. 

Just recently I drew a chalk town. There was a road, city, post office, library, pet store and police station. We drove cars around the town. It was pretty fun.  Another thing you can do with your chalk is to make a path of things to do. We did the bear crawl, the crab walk, hop like a bunny, flap wings like a bird and more. This helps with gross motor skills and is a lot of fun. E is starting to sound out letters and read so it was fun watching her try and figure out what the next task was. Some photos  below. 


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