Baby Debunked, Parental Tool Cabinet

Kangaroo baby. 

I’ll be posting this into my Baby Debunked page and also to the Tool Cabinet page as it’s a great solution for the baby who wants to be held while your trying to vacuum and it’s also one of my favorite products! 

I stumbled across this amazing shirt called the Soothe Shirt on Pinterest one day. It’s from This company makes shirts that you can carry baby in. It’s another alternative to a wrap or baby carrier. While the instructions for the product say to keep a hand on baby at all times, I found this shirt very durable, provided maximum stability, and was great for nursing. 

When I saw the price for the Soothe Shirt was $70 I cringed a little. They have cheaper ones too I just happened to love the most expensive one. This baby wearing shirt is seriously amazing. I could carry my son around the house without having to strap on my Tula which can be very hot in the summer months or figuring out one of them crazy wraps. I just open the pocket and slide baby right in. I felt better about the price when I realized it was also perfect for nursing as well. You just pull the top of the pouch down and pull to the side and you’re ready to go! This made feeding in public really easy too. I didn’t have to worry about fumbling with a nursing bra and lifting my shirt exposing my back, and the pouch can be pulled up slightly for more coverage so I didn’t find wearing a nursing cover necessary. Also once B could no longer fit in the shirt and I unfortunately could not nurse anymore the shirt could still be worn as a normal tank and it’s very comfortable. Check out the site and get you one! Perfect for lugging baby around, for nursing, and just for wearing on its own! The shirt I have had the newborn head support piece. That piece can be folded into the shirt pouch once it’s no longer needed. They also make a dad shirt which is really cool. I’ll also attach a photo from the site of how the shirt looks without baby inside, along with my shirt and the dad shirt I copied from the lalabu website.  * follow all safety instructions and requirements accompanied with shirt. 


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