Toddler Tools

Busy book. Bible Edition. 

As promised in a previous post. Here is the busy book Bible edition. If you didn’t see the busy book edition it can be found on the Toddler Tools posts page. I decided to make this Bible version after my daughter began taking more interest in some of her bible story books. She is still in our nursery at church so this was a fun way to explore biblical stories together and also work on fine motor skills as well. I found a few ideas via the internet but a lot of this book was my own. Hope you enjoy and decide to make your own! 

Just as I did with the original busy book, this one was made with felt and hot glue. If you’re interested in making your own check out the Busy book post, again in the Toddler Tools posts. There you will find a link to a YouTube video on how to bind and put your book together. The rest is all up to your own creativity! If your interested in the wording I have used for each story comment and I’ll be happy to share. 

***Most pages I have made have small parts and buttons. My daughter does not chew and put things in her mouth so choking hazards were not a concern. However I highly recommend working with your child while exploring a book like this. It’s great for conversation and learning but also for safety and for me ensuring parts do not go missing.***


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