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The Fangs. 

If you haven’t already noticed, you soon will that babies are full of surprises. One of those surprises is teeth start to make their appearance. Many questions will be swarming your head such as: what are the signs that a baby is teething? When will each tooth appear, how can I help alleviate pain, and are there different stages of teething? If you are a new parent for the first time or a seasoned one, all of these questions could still be going through your head. As I’ve mentioned before every child is different; therefore they all start teething differently as well. Here is what I have noticed happening with both of my children during teething and what pain relievers have worked for us.

As every baby is different the signs of teething can also be very different from child to child. So use this as a guide. Signs of teething can be but are not limited to: excessive drooling, swollen gums, redness in the face, trouble sleeping during the day or night, refusing to eat, baby swatting at ears (teething can cause the ears to hurt), more biting or chewing, unusual crankiness, and even a low-grade fever.

So once you have noticed the signs what seems to happen next? Which teeth should you expect first? Both of my children received their two bottom teeth first within days of each other. This was followed with my first child by the 2 top center teeth making their way through. After these came in I really didn’t pay too much attention. But I did find this chart from the “mama natural” and it seems to be pretty accurate between both of my children and is very helpful. Below is the chart hopefully you’ll find it useful.

So now that you’re definitely sure your baby is teething let’s talk about some ways you can alleviate their pain. Always consult your doctor about ways to relieve baby’s pain. But these are some things that have worked for me. The first and most common is your regular old teething rings. I recommend washing them new from the package and after each use. Also, remember the boy getting his tongue stuck the the pole in the movie A Christmas Story? I’d probably run the teething ring under some warm water just in case 😜. Another option for pain relief is a cold wash cloth and teething toys. I have read about, and seen teething necklaces that mom wears. I didn’t like the idea of baby drool all over me and my clothing(we get enough of their bodily fluids as it is). I also did want baby to chew on everyone’s jewelry that holds him. But this is still an option for you! You can also make breast milk/formula and fruit pops. I have seen these being made with pacifiers, and ring pop type handles. But I found a product that works wonderful and seems more safe. Use your own parenting preference. I was worried about choking hazards with more “homemade” options. Check out the Garden Fresh Frozen Fruitsicle from Nubby. You can make your own breastmilk/formula or fruit pops to soothe a teething baby. You can find this product on amazon for $8! See below. 

When all else fails there is always the medication route. I really liked the Orajel Teething Swabs. They are basically like Q-Tips with Orajel in them. Much easier to apply and less messy.  See below. 

Tylenol is always an option but always consult your doctor before using pain medication. I really like this dosage chart from -Boydmeetsgirl- I referred to my pediatrician with it who agreed with the dosages. But always consult your childs’ physician before giving any type of medication! See chart below.

Here is another helpful chart for Motrin. Motrin should absolutely NOT be given under 6 months of age! Again consult your physician before dosing child. My son is now 8 months old and the doctor gave us the green light on Motrin at night as it gives longer relief. 

Finally there are several stages of teething. I can not explain it better than this article from BuzzFeed. See below. It’s so true but also gave me a good laugh. Hope this helps with your teething concerns. Happy teething! 


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