Toddler Tools

Knockout boredom. 

As if a toddler really understood what being bored even was…mine tends to complain about boredom. I love doing activities with my daughter who is 3. But sometimes I need to give her something independent to do so that I can get my own things done. Now for the record, it is okay for your children to get bored. In fact, E is the most imaginative when she doesn’t have a plan for the day. Free play is an amazing thing. But if you are looking for some ideas to spark some imagination as to get some much needed tasks done, you can try some of these ideas. 

Indoor golf. Now if you have those plastic putters that would probably be awesome. We however didn’t have any so we put our brains together to make our own. We used a part from the vacuum, a toy plastic credit card and a lot of tape. The tunnels for which the ball traveled through was made from construction paper. This is a great indoor activity in the winter or when it’s raining. We have had a lot of rain lately, so this is a great go to game. If you number your tunnels your toddler can practice numbers as well. 

Another idea is a pet clinic. My daughter is all about animals right now. I stumbled upon this awesome print out when I decided this would be a fun idea. E is pretty good about using dry erase markers properly so I decided to print and laminate this sheet so that it would be reusable. I set up the clinic with her help and ideas and let her imagine from there. The baskets were her hospital! Below are photos and the website for the free printable. 

Printable :

Another great idea I actually learned from my aunt. It’s the pizza party game. She saved some old Pizza Hut menus and personal pizza boxes. She then used felt to make pizza’s, and toppings, cut string for cheese and cardboard for holding the pizza. Inside the pizza party box is also a paper and pencil to take orders! 

Another great idea is a giant floor maze. All you need is tape! It was interesting I told E to use her cars to find her way through the maze. But from the other room she was finding her way to all sorts of places. The store, Mamaw’s house, and even the moon! It’s okay to set your kids up for using their imagination. With so much media today sometimes they need a little push into the world of pretend! 


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