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Babies on wheels.

Let’s face it, there are probably over a billion different choices when it comes to strollers. With all the added gadgets and new functions how do you know which one is right for you? This all boils down to necessity. You obviously wouldn’t need to invest in an expensive double stroller if you are only expecting one child. I have tried several different strollers. When I say several I mean 7. From your basic umbrella to your jogger, to your double sit and stand. This will be an overview of a few different types of strollers that I have used and also which ones I found most practical,useful, and functional.

The first is your basic umbrella. It’s compact, the least expensive, and very light weight. They are great for quick trips into the post office or short errands. They have limited mobility and storage space. They also work well on hard grounds. Grass, dirt, and gravel are a no go. Children who can sit and support themselves are the best for this stroller. 

The next option is your basic travel system. These can rage from $130.00-$500+. Expensive isn’t always better! You can get this style stroller which comes along wth matching car seat. (This is why it’s called a travel system.) I highly recommend all newborns have this. As you will be needing a pumpkin car seat, having the matching stroller allows you to attach your car seat right on and you’re ready to roll. Options with a travel system are unlimited. You have your basic four wheels, a three wheeler, and even one with jogger style wheels. I personally prefer any stroller to have jogger style wheels as they can be used for everyday use, walking or jogging at the park, or taking on heavier terrain such as grass, dirt, and gravel. This jogger travel system below is great and moderately priced, and has the jogger style wheel. -Pay close attention to jogger wheels if you are interested in them. Some jogger strollers are specific for jogging only. This means the wheel does not have the ability to move left and right. So make sure your front jogger wheel has mobility and is not a fixed wheel. I’ll show a photo of this as well. I think buying a separate strictly jogging stroller is kind of silly. Why not buy one that can do it all?!

Here is the jogger travel system:

Here is the mobile wheel: 

And this is the fixed wheel: (steer clear of this unless going straight is all you want to do!)

There are also travel systems that have several attachments. One for baby to lay as a newborn, one for car seat, and a regular seat that attaches to the frame. I am not sure what kind of life style or vehicle this kind of stroller requires to lug around. Having experienced 7 strollers with two children, as a busy mom I just don’t see the practicality of all these parts. I want my trip into the store to be quick. Not fighting with a stroller out in the rain. That is just my personal take on this travel system. May work great for someone else. 

The next stroller is the sit and stand. This is a double stroller used to cart around two little monsters at a time!  They allow some 12-15 different riding options. The one I have does have normal wheels so terrain is limited but this has been great for everyday use. When B was still in his pumpkin seat, his car seat clicked right into the front area and E would sit or stand on the back. My other favorite option for when E didn’t want to stand was to put her up in the front and quickly snap on the back seat attachment and that’s where B would go. Now that B is able to sit well on his own, I’ll toss him (metaphorically speaking) into the front seat and E into the sit/stand area on back! Check it out below. Mine is actually the click connect version. The major difference between mine and the one depicted below is the cup holders are on either side and mine has the full tray and cup holders. (I prefer this as it is just another thing helping keep the kid in the stroller). This stroller does fold flat but it is very long! It fit in my four door car well, but didn’t allow much extra space! 

The last stroller I will share is the jogger/bike trailor. I was so excited when my Mother in law gifted this to us this past Christmas. This stroller is great for taking walks down our drive, up to the ice cream shop, and at the zoo. The other great thing about it is you can quickly and easily remove the handle bar and attach your bycicle and pull the kids around and get a good workout! It also folds flat. See below. 

Hope this helps with some of your stroller woes! 

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