Baby Debunked

Time on the Tummy.

We’ve all heard the term “tummy time”. But when I first heard this was a baby “must do” I really had no clue what it was. So you just put the baby on his tummy? Basically that’s what it is. According to the National Institute of Health “Tummy Time is important because it: Helps prevent flat spots on the back of your baby’s head. Makes neck and shoulder muscles stronger so your baby can start to sit up, crawl, and walk. Improves your baby’s motor skills (using muscles to move and complete an action)”.  After reading this I understood the importance of tummy time; But did anyone else experience an upset baby when introducing and continuing tummy time? I decided to try some fun things to encourage tummy time and distract baby as to have this important developmental time. This will be a quick post on a few things I did with my children that made tummy time a little less stressful and more fun for all! With my second child I was able to let my 3 year old play too. This encouraged playtime between the two children and also kept E involved with what I was doing with baby. See below for some ideas! (Pardon some blurred photos- again protecting children’s privacy) 

Unfortunately I cannot find my photos of actually doing this first one but it was pretty awesome for both children. I would recommend doing these once baby is getting head and chest off the floor. Keep reading for a few ideas for smaller babies. 

Put paint in a plastic baggie on paper and seal it. Then tape to floor on all sides and watch baby move paint around. If your more comfortable with editable paint :Mix equal parts of water and flour and add food coloring! Add water and flour for preferred consistency.

Do something similar with ice and something warmer:

Water and floating items in baking dish. 

Good old mirror:

The water blob. Plastic bag with items inside. Good for smaller babies:

Food colored ice cubes:

Baby soap and Googley eyes in a zip lock. Home made sensory bottles:

Musical toys:

Balls and other objects in muffin tin. 

These are grab baskets. I didn’t photograph mine, but I did wooden blocks, the loufas, shoe laces, small stuffed animals, felt squares, plastic Easter eggs. I didn’t do chalk or the paper tubes because of the items ending up in B’s mouth. However, now that he is sitting on his own and handling things well I do give items like these as long as he has his pascifier. 

For smaller babies I liked to lay these objects in front of Baby to encourage them to raise their head;

-Board books

-light up toys

-Sensory bottles

-Plush toys

-hulla hoop with different material tied to it and baby in center. 

Anytime you are working with baby on tummy time always supervise and use your best parenting judgment when it comes to items you use to encourage them! 

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