Remember the Men. 

With Father’s Day nearing in on us, I thought this was an appropriate time for this quick thought. I’d like to start of by bragging a little on my husband. He is just no ordinary man. I think many people upon meeting him or seeing his interactions with our children will attest to that. He is quick to step up and take care of the children. Not just by meeting their financial needs as I am a stay at home mother; but he does so many other things that, while may seem minor, most men just do not do. I fear going to deep with all he does will make me look really bad 😂 but he really does do so so much. From washing cloth diapers and bottles to laundry when needed, he really is my better half. 

I know many people out there are not fortunate enough to have a good father for their children. I myself have had a very absent and previously abusive father. For me, I had my uncle. While I knew in my heart he wasn’t my dad, he really stepped in when that “position” in my life was vacant. He did more than provide my basic needs though. He played with me. He put me in sports, he had conversations with me, and loved me unconditionally. If you’re a mother with children left fatherless; may it be by choice, death, or even the military, remember the other men. Remember the grandfathers, uncles, close friends, older brothers, coaches, and any other man that maybe helping fill that void in any aspect. 

So much time is devoted to the mother. Let’s face it, the baby shower is for the woman, the pregnancy and birth is “about the woman”. But we tend to forget the men who go through all of this too. I’m one of the lucky few who have found an amazing husband that goes above and beyond. But there were so many other men supporting me through having, and now raising both of my children. My uncle mentioned before, my father in law, my brother in law, my own brother, my close cousin. Each pitch in in different ways. Remember the men. 

Take a moment to remember your father, or any man who stepped in to help out. Remember your children’s fathers’, or any man who may be lending a helping hand. Recognize the work they put in, may it be big or small. From providing basic needs, to just putting a smile on your child’s face. Remember the Men. 

He may work hard everyday, provide finacanal assistance, spiritual guidance, play time, or tell a simple story. Every little thing counts. Remember the Men. 

** photo provided by yours truly.**


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