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Better Sleep. 

Between cribs, pack n play’s, bassinets, co-sleepers, and this new Finnbin, deciding the best way for baby to sleep is getting complicated. Having a safe, comfortable option seems endless, but what’s the best choice? Again with most things it depends on your life style and what works best for you. Here’s my story and new found glory when it came to the sleeping baby. 

With my daughter I followed what everyone else seemed to be doing. So I had the bassinet and the crib and I had a pack n play. Bassinet was for newborn, crib for when she got a little older.(we switched at about 4 months) Lastly the pack n play for traveling. To be honest, she hated the bassinet and preferred her swing(which I don’t condone but that’s how she slept for naps during the day.). The crib we got was a convertible which I highly recommend. It goes from crib to toddler bed and then you can use the two side rails as a head and foot board for a full size. We had one baby though. Why so many beds? 

Then I had my son. I got a little smarter with baby number two. Again this time we got a convertible crib. Always necessary! But we got this amazing pack n play. We got it at Walmart for $100. While we stood in line to check out we had someone confirm our purchase by saying he had just bought the same one and it had been amazing for his child. 

The Graco® Pack ‘n Play® Playard with Reversible Napper & Changer was a life changer. We had it set up right at the end of our bed. For the month or two B would sleep in the napper. During those late night feedings and changes this product made life simpler. Picked up baby B and with one hand flipped the napper over to the changer and did the diapering while the bottle was heating up. In the extra area that wasn’t taken up by the napper/changer we had our diapers, wipes, and extra sleepers placed for convience. What makes this even better is how many products it is in one. Once you removed the napper/changer it became a bassinet . Now that B is nearly 9 months he has been is his crib for a while. So the pack n play has been put away. But once baby grows out of the napper you can use the bassinet portion of the pack n play. Then as he grows more it can be used as a normal pack n play with low mattress for travel or for primary sleeping. $100 for 4 products in one. Beats buying them all separate and they all come in one box that is so simple to put together and operate! 

Again you have to do what fits your life style. But who doesn’t need less baby stuff crowding their home, more money spent on so many products, and the stress of what you really need. Go get this product instead of everything separate. You won’t regreat it! See it below.

Go to above site and scroll to product highlights. There you will find a video that shows how it changes from stage to stage for your baby. 

**As always follow all safety guidelines and manufacturers instructions when using products for your children.**


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