Toddler Tools

Life skills. #1

I’ll be posting a few little games that are helping my toddler learn basic life skills. These will be quick posts! 

The first one is laundry sorting. I love doing practical versions of these skills. I did make E a washer and dryer out of card board boxes. Every time I went down to do laundry she’d follow me and do her own! I took an old pot I was getting rid of and placed that in a hole I cut out for the washer, and made a lid with construction paper. 

I also made this little game. I made a word document and just picked different clip art photos I liked, printed, colored (I do not have a color printer), laminated and cut out! I have seen packs online you can buy, but I knew I could make it quickly myself so that’s what I did. We sort colors and whites, by individual colors, and by size. I write the S M and L on the backs of each. 


2 thoughts on “Life skills. #1”

    1. Thanks for commenting Jen. I actually did the paper game because my daughter has developed a fear of loud noises. This included the washer/dryer and pubic toilets! 😂

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