Parental Tool Cabinet, Toddler Tools

Compress the stress. 

Have a day full of plans and a toddler that will be going through the motions too? I have experienced this overwhelming amount of stress trying to get through day to day things. E either had her own plans for the day, or would get anxiety when things were a little bit different than the average day. Aside from this stress we were about to bring our second child home. In order to maintain some sense of normalcy for E when baby B arrived, and compressing the stress of trying to get things done; I made this little tool. 

I have been told these daily schedules are great for children with autism. I do not have a child with autism but have noticed that the many tools out there for this disability are wonderful for all children! I have pictures below but here is what I did. I went and made a word document with a chartthat contained   2X4 inch rectangles. Inside each box was a daily task,game,or activity. Then I found a clip art photo I liked and added that to the box as well. Then I printed, laminated, and cut out the routine cards. I bought a pocket chart from the local teacher store. I put it on a pants hanger and hung it in the kitchen by our command center. Each night I would put up our schedule for the next day. Before the baby was born this got E into the habit of checking the schedule to see what was happening. She was prepared for the day and was excited to take down task after task herself. After the baby came and so much was changing, the schedule really gave her a sense of normalcy amidst the chaos. Some of the cards we did were 

-play time

-snack time

-T.V time





-mommy cleaning time

-E’s choice 

-Yoga time 

-all the meal times

-brush teeth


-grandma and grandpas house

And so so many more. See below. 


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