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Bottles Bottles Bottles.

With a couple babies due very soon in my family I thought this might be a good post topic! Has anyone else noticed the amount of different kinds of one baby product there are? I’ve done a post on the many seats for your baby and the many bed options. Bottles are no different. There are so many brands with there own “mine works best” qualities. So if you’re currently in a bottle dilemma this may help. As I’ve mentioned many times, every baby is different. So what worked for me may not work for you. But these are some basics on the many bottles I have used.

The first bottle I have ever experienced was the Dr. Browns. I heard they were the best and great for colic. Here is what they look like:

Price wise I have found them to be on the higher end. Not very visable in this photo but these bottles have many parts. The bottle itself. The air flow tube, a small piece that connects to the air flow tube(which has three small holes in it), the nipple, and the cap. Washing these bottles was a real bear! I had to buy the special tiny brushes to clean the little holes and crevices. Many of them still molded because they were so hard to get clean. Some new parents may not know but, bottles do know do well in the dishwasher. They come out with a film on them and can be exposed to damage. Hand washing these bottles made me never want to use them again! But there is good news. I have used many other bottles and I promise they are just has good as Dr.Browns! 

Next let’s look at the cheaper end. I have tried the Gerber brand bottles and haven’t been impressed. These particular were probably my least favorite. See below: 

The air flow on these were terrible! While they were waaay easy to clean there was a leak between the nipple and the plastic top.(in blue and green above.) the prices on these made me happy but I ended up having to spend more to get a bottle that didn’t pour out! 

There has been a real rise in glass bottles. Yep I’ve tried them as well. My experience was half and half. So Brest feeding did not go well for me. With my first I switched to formula at about 5 months and my second was actually like 1 month. Both times I used glass bottles. With the first we lived in a small apartment so we just used warm water and formula and it was fine. But this time around we discovered the bottle warmer!! It is amazing! But the glass bottle got extremely hot coming out of the warmer and the milk would still be cool. Have you ever microwaved a bowl of soup and could not touch the bowl because it was so hot. Then you take a bite and it’s freezing cold? Yeah it’s kinda like that. So here is the glass I used:

But you can also get them with a silicone sleeve! So this will solve the hot problem if you are using a bottle warmer. 

For me though I was just worried about burning baby so I switched to these last bottles. 

So the Tommy Tippie bottles are awesome. They are another bottle that is on the higher end. They have the colic gaurentee (which I think with any bottle is a load.), an ergonomic shape(super comfortable to hold), easy to clean, and my favorite; they aren’t super long and awkward. Even the 9 oz bottles are compact. 

This option is a little more expensive. So my all time favorite bottle after trying nearly everything is the Avent bottles. They have all the great qualities as the last and they aren’t terribly expensive. I highly recommend these bottles. They are the very easy to clean! My son has gas issues and he had GERD (excessive spit up) and just all around feeding/tummy issues. These bottles were great. While I seriously don’t think a bottle will solve eating problems; a good, easily cleaned, comfortable bottle really helps the stress of the situation. Check them out below. Keep reading for a bottle tip. 

So I know a lot of new moms who over load on bottles! I think this is great when you are trying to decide which bottle will work best for your baby if bottle feeding is what you decide to do. However once you decide which ones work best for you ditch the others and keep only 6 bottles in the house. I know it sounds crazy but this will keep you on top of keeping them clean and minimizes the dish pile up that is bound to happen anyway with a new baby. 

Try the Avent bottles first. Maybe you will stop there with the search for the perfect bottle. 


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