Take a break. So you don’t break. 

Anyone else ever wanted to put themselves in time out? Find a carpet square, a time out chair, or corner and just decompress. As a kid I loathed time out. But the authority figure in my life knew that while a time out may have made me angry, sometimes it’s just what I needed to get back on track and it was a reminder to correct my behavior. Now that I am a parent I understand this even more. When my daughter makes a mistake or gets so angry she blows up in an unhealthy way; a time out serves as a way to help her understand her behavior and to allow her to take a break and cool down. After a good cool down period we can then discuss what occurred and with a sound mind brainstorm ways to better handle the situation next time. 

As parents we all hate to put our kids in time out. We want them to keep having fun and doing the daily things they love. But sometimes they need a break. A break from a poor choice they made, a break from an outburst, a break from their own stresses. When we see this all coming to a boil we tell our little one he needs to sit in time out. 

As adults and parents we too need a break. A time out. We don’t want to pause life for our own menal, physical, and social well beings. Maybe we have made a poor choice and our families are suffering from our guilt. Or maybe we struggle with controlling anger, or we have a hard time with being patient. I know I have dealt with these few things specifically and I can say it isn’t easy. Dealing with a personal problem along with trying to be a good spouse, a good parent or caregiver, providing basic needs, and just living daily life, all this can become overwhelming and can weigh on a person. 

Once in a while it’s okay to take a time out. May it be diving into a book for an hour while the kids watch a movie, or watching a movie yourself, or a night out. Parents need this! I have friends who feel bad about leaving their kids at home while the go away for the weekend. I was one of those people. But I’ve learned that just like time outs for our children help them compose and redirect, they can do those for us as adults too. Times outs will make us better parents for our kids. 

It’s okay to need a break. Take the break so you yourself do not break. A person can only keep pushing on for so long! Be a parent or caregiver for the kids in your life and take a time out. You will feel better for it and so will they. 

***photo found from Pinterest. Will remove if a copy right issue is found. 


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