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No fuss 3 a.m

After having overcome the grueling middle of the night feedings with my first child, I have come to learn a valuable lesson that I am now implementing with my second child, as we are still doing those super awesome 3 am wake up calls for a meal and a fresh diaper. There are so many reasons baby can wake us up and there are hundreds of solutions to try and sift through to calm him. The amount of time it takes to figure out the issue and solve it can be extremely stressful. So hopefully this little tip will make that 3 am wake up go by quicker and smoother so you can get back to that much needed sleep! 

So you’ve been woken by baby, by the time you have gotten him up prepared a bottle/ or began nursing at least 30 minutes has already gone by. Next it’s the diaper change and consoling and rocking baby back to sleep. By choosing smart sleepware you can cut down that time spent on the diaper change thus getting back to sleep much faster! Sleepware for baby ranges from just a onesie to sleep sacks, night gowns, button downs, and zip ups and swaddlers. Before I get too far I want to say that for a newborn I absolutely love the swaddle me pod’s from target. They look like this:

These were great for newborn. They unzip starting at the bottom. So if baby is just wearing a onesie under this all you have to do is unzip the bottom area and open the onesie. These however are not recommended after 2 months. Baby needs to start having wiggle room to grow and stretch out. 

So with the normal sleeep sacks such as the halo brand, are great for during the day. Some are zip up only and others have Velcro and some have both. These sacks were probably my favorite sleep sack because they had lots of room for growth but I was bothered by the extra fabric at the bottom. Definitely a personal preference here. 

Another option for sleepware is the button down footies which are very common.  They look like this:

Again I think these are an awesome, warm, cozy option for baby during the day but at night these buttons get frustrating. Baby is already cold and your fighting with the snaps and then all to realize you have them totally crooked and have to start again. Time consuming and not a necessary battle at 3 a.m. But again great for day time use. 

Gowns are another option. I like them for several reasons. First, because they are very easy and quick when it comes to diapering, as the bottom is open. Also they can be taken off up over the head, or in the event of an explosion can be pulled down over the shoulders like a onesie. I also like them because they are a cooler option for older babies in the summer months. I prefer not to use them on my son because he has terrible eczema and can pull his legs out of the gown and scratch! Also I do not like these for newborns because they tend to get cold even in the summer months in air conditioning. Layering with a onesie might help with that and still make for a quicker diaper change at night. Here are my favorite gowns:

So here it is the all time favorite sleep option!!! The sleeper that zips!! I know sounds crazy but the footie pjs with a zipper are great. You can quickly up zip (I always toss the leg parts off to the side) diaper and then put the feet back and and zip back up. You can buy super cozy ones that wouldn’t require a onesie as well. They do make zip up sleepware that does not have feet in it. I prefer the feet because it’s harder for baby to kick out of it as you’re trying to redress them. However if you find sleepware with tighter ankle cuffs that would work as well. 

Using a gown or zip up is going to be much much quicker than those crazy snaps and will make 3 a.m diapers less complicated. 


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