Put the quality back in your time. 

Life today is full of excitement. From the places we travel, to the memorable moments made in our own backyards. What’s even better is we can share these moments in an instant through social media and a quick text. We can also get a glimpse into the wonderful lives of our friends and family. Sharing these special moments keeps us all connected. But sometimes it’s okay and even more beneficial if we lay down the iPads, the cellphones, and other devices. 

As I scroll through my camera roll there are so many special moments and I’m so glad I have digital record of them. But I feel like I often get so wrapped up in being sure I can capture and share my moments with others, I forget to enjoy the moment with those who are actually in the moment!

 Close you’re eyes and think of a time when you had a conversation with a grandparent or friend who lived prior to cellphones, computers, cameras, and even television. I’m thinking of a moment when my mamaw told me about her walking to school with her siblings. In the hills of Kentucky atop an old rocky mountain side they walked. In old dresses her mother made too a single room school house. She didn’t have a cellphone or camera. But in describing the moment to me, I can close my eyes and just imagine how they looked. How the dust from the gravel sailed through the air as they moved. But more than this, I can almost smell the rain as they ran when the same dust turned to mud. Or how in the winter they still walked, up hill and down in the blistering cold. I hear the laughs, I imagine them teasing each other as siblings do. Maybe these walks to school weren’t always pleasant but they were special moments she shared daily with her siblings and friends who lived on the same mountain. 

She has carried this moment along with many others in her memory. Being able to hear her talk about them creates conversations and creates our own special moment together. But how the nature of these memories could have changed had she have been wrapped up in the thoughts of posting online or making it look just so for her online community. How much could our parenting change if while playing with our children we simply put our phones away and just enjoyed them. Enjoyed the moment just as it is and let that be a special memory that they will talk about to their own children. There is nothing wrong with capturing the first tooth or first haircut. But let’s try and spend quality time with zero distractions. I’m a true believer when it comes to being truly invested in a moment you have to be truly invested. That means putting your all in. If there are outside distractions, or thoughts of making your next post.. that isn’t a full investment. 

Let’s put the quality back into the time we spend with our children. 50 years from now my grandchildren will close there eyes as my daughter speaks to them and they imagine how their mother felt the mixture of sun and wind on her face as she soared through the sky on the swing set at the park. As she describes how her mom spent time with her completely uninterrupted. 

**original photo of my mamaw and my son.


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