Toddler Tools

The toddler and the airplane. 

This will be a quick post for easier airplane travel! The first time I took my daughter on an airplane she was about a year and a half. She literally slept the entire plane ride. With a vacation planned now that she is 3 I knew it would be different and she’d probably be awake the whole time. I like games on phones and movies on iPads just as much as the next guy. But I thought bringing something other than screens would be a good idea. I made little go bags with a few coloring pages, crayons, workbook pages(tracing numbers and letters), stickers, felt boxes, and gel clings. I’m glad I did these activity bags because I noticed children around me with screens and they got pretty restless about 20 minutes into the hour and a half flight. 

For the felt boxes I got small plastic pencil boxes and hot glued a felt back ground into the lid portion. One was a robot builder. I cut several different shapes in various sizes so E could build her own robot. The second was a space scene. You can also make a flower garden, dress up, potato heads, different faces to build, an aquatic scene the options are endless. 

I found the gel clings (sticky gel thing that you put on windows) at target in the dollar section and they were a big hit! My daughter played with these majority of the flight. She could stick them on the window and the seat back in front of her. They leave no mess as well. I know the dollar stores also sell them seasonally. 


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