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Little Hands

I’ve got another quick post for you! I like these quick ones. Short to the point and you can move on with your day! 

As E turned about 2 I started really working with her on fine motor skills. There are a lot of great toys and puzzles and things that are great for this. But if you’re crafty like me, you can make some pretty great fine motor activities that also incorporate learning letters, numbers, shapes, and even early writing skills. I decided sense these tools went over so well with my own kid, I’d also make them for my niece who is now 2. This entire basket was made for about $20 from the dollar store! Scroll for photos. Happy learning! 

Practice buttoning:

Learn shapes and slide onto ribbon:

Match colors and use clothespin:

Sort buttons by size and by color:

Color matching with toilet tube and large clothespin:

Matching shapes and pulling off and placing stickers:

Spelling name and placing shape(you can use multiple shapes here I just used squares):

Color, number, shape recognition, using clothespin: 

Early writing skills with bingo dotter and shape, letter, number recognition:

Color sorting with craft balls. You can also get a small pair of tongs for fine motor:

Number recognition and counting:

Building shapes:


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