Baby Debunked

Tip #1 Poo, Diaper rash, Cradle cap.

The things people forget to mention and how to fix it!

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Practical life and charting.

Really loving incorporating Montessori ideas into our daily lives. We have been practicing setting them table lately. I took an old piece of fabric and traced a plate, cup, silverware, and napkin with a sharpie marker. Then E had to put the items in the right place. Kinda like a puzzle! The next thing we… Continue reading Practical life and charting.


Gratitude Attitude

I had a parenting problem I didn’t even know I had. I’ve mentioned the Magnolia Journal in other posts but I really love the magazine written by Joanna Gaines. (From fixer upper). The last issue posed this thought of having an “attitude of gratitude” and it really got me thinking. How many moments do I… Continue reading Gratitude Attitude

Parental Tool Cabinet

All you need.

I’m sure everyone has heard of the baby laundry detergent called Dreft. Special for the kiddos delicate skin. I love the detergent but I came across the Dreft stain remover spray and it has literally changed my life!! I went from using it on my kids clothes to my own as well. I am a… Continue reading All you need.

Baby Debunked, Toddler Tools

Little learning.

I’ve always said you are never too little to learn. Kids are like little sponges just soaking up everything they can. I like to incorporate learning in just about everything. This isn’t too say go overboard and hammer knowledge into the kiddos. But through daily activity and play encourage learning. Now that my son is… Continue reading Little learning.